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NEWLY PUBLISHED: IJTNS vol 1 issue 2, June 2015

List of International Journals in University of Mulawarman

Flash News from IJ-Secretariat:
Audience Report by countries
Soon after the first IJTNS was released, the journal received international views from at least nine countries. A snapshot report was provided by Google Analytics on 03 October 2014.
Scheduled dissemination of IJ for Doctoral Program in Economics Management
The upcoming introductory program of the International Journals Acceleration Task Force will be held in Doctoral Program of School of Economics in 5th or 6th of April 2013. Exact time and location will be announced soon.
International Journals Program Dissemination
This week, we would like to disseminate our vision, mission, and programs related to international journals acceleration. Place and time will be announced soon.
Call for Editor and Reviewer
We invite potential people to be an editor or reviewer for our upcoming International journals: International Journals of Tropical Natural Sciences and International Journals of Tropical Social Sciences. The invitation is closed by 30th April 2013
Beware for Potential Predatory Publishers
A/Prof Jeffrey Beall of University of Colorado - Denver provides an extensive list of possible, probable, or potential predatory publishers that are publishing journal articles in questionable fashion.
International Journal Article is a prerequisite for a PhD degree in Indonesia
Directorate of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture, has announce an updated regulation stated that every S3 student should publish an article in international journal as a compulsory prerequisite before PhD degree can be granted. For extensive news and discussion in Indonesian language, please click the link provided.